College is More Than Parties

I grew up in a lower-middle class home that gave me no illusions about how tough life can be when you don’t have money. If something broke in our house that we couldn’t fix ourselves, then it would stay broken because we simply didn’t have the money to hire someone to fix it. One year we went without running water for six months because a pipe had burst that winter and we had to take showers and get jugs of water at my grandmother’s house up the road. I saw the toll working long hours at exhausting, dead-end jobs was taking on my parents, and I knew that no matter what, I was not going to end up that way. Luckily, I have an excellent opportunity to improve not only my lifestyle, but that of my family as well.

After being accepted into Emmanuel College in Boston, I learned about their majors and programs. Not only do they offer interesting and useful classes, but they also help you organize your resume and practice interviews. The exciting internship opportunities in Boston give me hope that I can make my resume shine and land an excellent job. The fact that the average starting salary for one of their graduates is twice as much as my household income gives me hope. I never thought it was possible for me to have an exciting career that I love and a comfortable income that provides enough for me and my family until enrolling in college. Getting my degree has never as possible and as beneficial for me as it has now, and I can’t wait to join the workforce with a resume full of internships and volunteer positions from college and a diploma from my majors in Business and English.

Education Is The Way To Freedom

Like many people, I was starting to feel trapped. I found myself with three children and a job that, though it paid the bills, did not leave me with a lot of time or energy to pursue those things that I really wanted to do. I was often working weekends, which meant no trips to the park on a Saturday afternoon. Going in early in the morning meant no movie nights (mommy needed sleep). I realized that I needed to find a career that I could enjoy rather than just a job that I dreaded clocking into. I also realized that in order to start that career, I would need a proper education.

Because I am not exactly a “traditional student”, I decided that pursuing an education online would be the best option for me. I had heard a lot about online schools being inferior to onsite campuses academically and as far as classroom interaction. However, after researching several schools, I found that this was not always the case. Sure, there were diploma mills out there that would give you a degree for being able to pay them a few thousand dollars and sign your name on a contract, but not all online schools were like that. Some of them actually offer a variety of degree programs taught by teachers whose experience in the field and years of teaching experience make them the most qualified to lead a classroom of students and provide the knowledge that employers are looking for.

I eventually decided to study Business Administration online at one of these schools. I was glad that I did. Although going back to school online is not exactly for the faint of heart, I found that the flexibility of the class schedules and the ability to learn without anyone looking over my shoulders was just what I needed. It was encouraging to be able to complete assignments while my children did their homework. They saw me and said, “Look, mom is doing homework too!” This made them want to study hard, and I felt the need to study hard as well to impress them.

The classes were rigorous and the teachers demanded the very best from all of us, but after two years I had my Associate’s degree. I am now working in an office from 9 till 5, I have weekends off and I am not too exhausted to chase my toddler around. I am also considering studying towards my Bachelor’s degree. After all, I can’t think of a field where being more educated is a hindrance.

As I said before, I was starting to feel trapped in my old life. Education was my ticket to freedom.

I am Looking Forward to A Music Degree

I know that I can improve my income with a degree, and I am going to work to make that happen. I wan to make sure that I can get the degree and the education that would really help me that is why I have opted to go college. I know that I can improve my income with a degree, and I am going to work to make that happen. I wanted to make sure that I could get the degree and the education that would really help me that is why I have opted to get a degree in my favorite subject which is Music. I know there are many schools of higher education and college, individuals like myself can use when getting the degree that will allow me to prosper. It is one of the things you can use when you are looking to get ahead as I am.

I have read statistics online about how much more money college graduates make, that is why I want to make it my business to get a degree. I know that I can get the quality standards I am looking for with a degree and I want to put this into place. I can get work in many varied setting with a music degree. I can apply for these options with a college education. It is simply one of the many things that can help in the workplace, and with the cost of everything, I feel that using a degree to give you the advantages you may need to be competitive in the job market. A degree in today’s world is important to have. I know it will help me further my career. I am excited about obtaining a college degree.

Road to Helping People

I had just finished high school and was contemplating a career in health. My first healthcare position was assisting an elderly lady from my church for the summer months. She was very particular about her food and the type of care she received. I stayed with this lady every day, all day and night without any time off for pleasure or to go see my family. After two months of constant care of this lady I decided to put in my two week notice and went back to the farm for some fun and relaxation before starting college.
After one semester of college I felt I needed to go a different route. I decided to postpone college and find a position at a nursing home. I felt having on hands training in a nursing home would help me to understand the book training when I decided to return to college.

I was a nurse aid at the first nursing home I worked in. A program promoting a nurse aid to a certified nurse aid had not been established at that time. After working at this nursing home for one year, I felt it was a time for a change to something more challenging.

I put my application into a nearby hospital and was hired on as a nurse aid on the orthopedic floor. Having patient contact I learned how the many different departments, such as dietary, laboratory, physical therapy, central service, sterile processing, pharmacy and surgery all worked together to bring a patient to complete wholeness.

After working at the hospital for five years on the surgical, orthopedic, and medical floors the hospital decided to offer certification classes for nurse aids already working and those coming in as new employees. After some discussion between my head nurse and nursing service it was decided that since I already had the hands on experience of working with a variety of patients on different floors that I should be granted certification by being grandfathered into the program.

I felt I had an advantage over many of the nurse aids just starting out. They had the book learning which was great, but life out on a hospital floor does not follow all of the scenarios in an academic book. Every patient is different, they all have their own personalities and some are going to be cooperative, while others are going to test your patience.

Before and after my certification my head nurse always looked to me to train the new nurse aids. My method was very simple. Listen to report given by the nurses, ask questions, keep notes, talk with my patients, do my charting throughout the day, report to my nurse during my shift and give a final report to my nurse before leaving for the day.

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